Brian Solis forward thoughts on “Share This Too”

Here is the article: The Future of Marketing Has Little To Do With Marketing

There are a few things that caught my attention in this short article about the book “Share This Too” and felt that I have put in use the beliefs spelled out by Solis.

I have always felt that in order to engage with a consumer you have to connect with them, invest in them and to create value for them. I have never found a product or service gain my attention by only broadcasting at me. This is why I feel the need to continue my career in public relations rather than elsewhere.


In order to create value and engage with your audience educating them is what I tend to see work best. When I see myself searching for a new device, a book or even a job I want these things to educate me. I want to leave, finish or come back to each of these learning more. I need created value and engagement. Products or services that always #leanforward.


Many professionals that I speak to or interview with seem to be lost in direction. They are mostly vague with the outlook for their company or themselves. With change there should be growth and innovation and what I have come to find is that these professionals are sticking with the familiar and superimposing it among different clients. They are not looking forward in the best way.


Just because we have new tools does not mean they will work for everything. You put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. I have interviewed various times in the last few months and was asked the same question over and over again, “how did you use social media or new media for each of your past companies?” They would go on to ask about specific platforms and were almost dumbfounded when I told them I did not use ALL of them. Why would I do that? I used what worked best. Solis goes on to say that creativity will open doors. Leveraging the right platforms and opportunities will help us do so and not because everyone is doing it.


I have not read this book yet but you bet I threw it in my shopping cart.


Value is not boundless and change with the future.


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